Sex Therapy

Granoff and his wife

My wife Ann and I are now offering Marital Sex Therapy. We are both graduates of Loyola University Medical School Sex Therapy Clinic in Chicago.

Seven Weeks To A Better Sex Life Abbot Lee Granoff, M.D. and Ann Granoff, Therapist

  • 7 consecutive weeks of 50 minute individual couples therapy sessions
  • Married couples only
  • Both partners must attend each session
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Respectful, professional and comfortable environment
  • Helps sexual dysfunction
  • Improves communication and relations
  • 38 years in practice

Sex can be fun. Not only playful but also special, serious fun. It can become frustrating when you can't seem to "get it right." Sex is one of the supreme joys of life, so when it doesn't go right, it can be devastating. You might feel ashamed, discouraged and defeated. Some people lose some of their zest for life and their relationship may become hostile, distant or bitter.

Sex therapy offers no magic formulas. But it can work magic. How? By increasing your knowledge of your sexual self and by teaching you how to use your own experience to overcome your sexual problems. Practicing the homework exercises can also improve communication between you and your partner and enrich your relationship. Seven weeks is a short time but you can change a lot, even if your problems are long-standing. Therapy for a sexual problem can be a challenge because change is difficult and painful but you will be taking giant steps toward resolving your problems.

Each week you will have "homework" (loveplay exercises) that you and your partner should do in the privacy of your own home. This homework is the most important part of your therapy. Make a commitment to your loveplay exercises. When you do, you'll be reaffirming your commitment to your relationship, to the discovery (or rediscovery) of your sexual self and to the joy of loving each other.

The real learning, the real improvement and the real benefit will come from doing the loveplay at home. The outlook for reversal of your sexual problems is excellent but the success directly corresponds to the number of times per week that you and your partner do your home assignments. No one can do your home loveplay for you. Make it a regular part of your schedule, like an important appointment. The first few times may be awkward but they will be well worth the effort in the long run.

The most important benefits you will get out of this therapy are that you and your partner will begin to understand your sexual selves and learn how to communicate better.

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